King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Drama & Theatre

Lights!  Curtain!  Action!

Studying A level Drama and Theatre will give you a grounding in performance and an understanding of the theatrical processes used to create and perform original theatre, as well as the directorial methods in staging a text. You will practically explore two contrasting texts and will devise your own piece of theatre using chosen practitioner methodologies and practices. You will also explore three contrasting texts from an actor’s perspective and direct, rehearse and perform a section for an audience in your final practical exam.

There are opportunities to see live and digital theatre to develop your wider experience and the chance to immerse yourself in different genres and styles of performance - creating an accomplished, thinking, experienced performer.

Get to see our amazing new Drama space, the McCallum-Rich Theatre, in the short video below, where Director of Drama, Mrs Garnish, and Year 12 students Joe and Krish introduce you to wonderful world of Drama at KEGS.